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From: Corey Anton
Subject: Forgive Me Father Forgive Me, Father
Corey Anton I am sorry father; for I have sinned...... my voice shook as I whispered the
words out in the confessional. A Chuckle. What great sin have you committed, son? A long pause as I struggled with the words.. I ...er I ....er have been playing with myself, father... Playing with yourself? What part of yourself? Another pause. My peter, father, I play with my peter. Do you make it hard? Yes sir. What else do you do when you make it hard? I pump it until white stuff flies fabulous preteen nn out of it. White preteens 14 pictures
stuff? White stuff.. Lots of it. Do you know what that is? Yes Sir. It is called cum.. That's a strange word. Where did you learn it. In a book my mom has.. It says he put it into her cunt and fabulous preteen nn she told him to
fuck her hard and fill her with his cum. I read it sometimes when I play
with my peter. Do You know what a cunt is?
Yes, wet preteens pic sir. It is a lay's hole between her legs. How often do you play with your peter? Every day. How often? Every day, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. The words spill out. I know I will
tell it all. That's a lot of `white stuff' the priest says. Have you talked to your
father about this? It's just my mom and me... Why do you think you have to shoot white stuff 5 times a day. My Mom says I have a peter as big as most men and I guess they have lots of
cum in their peters. Mom says it builds up and has to get out. preteen top bbs How does you mom know how big your peter nude preteen cp is? She sees it when preteen 14 videos she gives me a bath. I get hard when she washes it. Your Mom still bathes you? Yes, sir. How often? Most every night before bed, Father. Do you ever shoot white stuff when your mom bathes you.. Yes sir. All preteen boy topless the time. When she washes it hard...... What happens to the white stuff? It usually hits her. Where? Lots of places. Where is your mom when she is washing your peter? In the tub with me. Does she have clothes on? Oh, No sir.. A little laugh.. Not in the tub. Where does the white stuff land on her body? A lot on her face and mouth. She tries to catch it with her mouth so model preteen erotic it
doesn't get all in the water. She says it tastes good. Most of the time when
it is preteen b ready to come out she puts my peter all the way in her mouth and sucks it
out. She let's me try it and I think it tastes good, too. Where else? In the house? No! On her body You know... it goes there sometimes. Where is `there" preteen nude lola
Between her legs in her hole there. The cunt. How does it get there? She soaps my peter and uses it to wash her inside there. What does she call her hole? Does she call it her cunt? She calls it her Pussy, Father. So, your peter is inside her pussy washing her inside there and it makes you
shoot cum into her pussy? Yes, Father. It goes in and out fast and it is tight inside her pussy. It
makes a lot of bubbles and that makes the white stuff get out. I know I have
sinned because of my peter but my mom says it is Ok because I am so big. How old are you, son? 12, Father. Yes, sir.
The priest pauses for a few moments, then speaks. There is much sin here, son and I want to deal with it right away. I want
you to step out of the booth, turn right and go to the end of the hallway.
There is a door preteen gallery 12yo on the right that says "Counseling" Go in there, press the
`in use' button right inside the door and sit down and wait for me.. Do not
leave the building. Yes sir. I exit the confessional and make my way to the room and go in and wait. Ten minutes later, the priest comes in. Son, whatever someone tells a priest and whatever they do or talk about is
secret. No one else in the world knows about it and never will. Do you
understand that no one will ever know what happens in this room? Yes, sir. So let's fix this situation. Take off all your clothes. Shoes, socks,
everything. I undress, embarrassed at undressing and finally stand naked in front of
the priest. Son, take your peter in your hand and begin to `play' with it. I want to
see what happens. Quickly the peter grows hard and thick, probably 6 to 7 inches long and I get
a glazed look as I pump away at it. I lose contact with the priest and it is
just my peter and me. He smiles. Your mother is right. That really is a man size peter. Let's call
it by its man's name, your cock. Call it your cock! My cock. My cock, my cock... I repeat it, tasting its sound on my lips. Good . Come closer so I can feel it. I walk up between the spread out legs of the priest who takes the cock away
from my hand and strokes it a few times and then kneels in front of preteen boy topless me and
takes it to his mouth. He licks it all around the head, where wet stuff is
oozing out of the slit. Is this what your mother does to you? Yes sir. Do you come in her mouth? Yes sir. Come in my mouth.... We blend into one as I push into the priest's mouth,
humping my cock preteen top bbs
into him, and the entire body of the cock slips inside his
mouth. Where my mother is gentle, he is strong and rough. The priest holds me tight by my ass cheeks and sucks deeply, until I grunt
and jerk and come, filling the hungry man's mouth with my white stuff. I am
held in a death grip, unable to move as all the juices are sucked out of my
cock. Finally, he releases me and holds onto my waist as he pulls up his robe to
reveal that he is naked underneath and he displays a long, hard cock sticking
out toward me. Get on your knees, son, the priest orders. I quickly comply and stare at the cock that is so much bigger than mine.
There is juice running out of the tip and the priest pulls my face and mouth to
his cock, Suck my cock, son. Just like your mom and I suck yours. It's what moms do
and It euro preteen whores is what men do together and you are certainly a man with such a cock as
you have. I lick up the drooling juices. I gag as the priest pushes the cock into my mouth and struggle as it enters
my throat. The priest holds still with only about 4 inches of cock inside. He
has done this many time to many boys. He is a master at it. It tastes salty to me. The priest moves my head and lowers the angle of his
entry and then shoves it quickly in, down my throat so that my face is
touching the priest's hair. I gag and try to pull off but the priest holds
me there, telling me to breathe through my nose. Finally, I am able to breath and the priest begins a slow fuck, gently at
first and then begins to pick up a little speed, pulling almost out and then
back down again. I am limp and almost passed out but the priest continues to
rape my virgin mouth. Suddenly the cock begins to swell and thicken and bursts of cum splatter
down my throat, escaping through the nose and the side of my mouth. The priest pulls all the way out and tells me to lick him clean, get every
drop of his "white stuff."
You are going to have to learn not to spill any drops. I will have to
punish you if you miss any cum. I comply and so happy to have the cock outside
my mouth, I eagerly lap up the spilt cum. The priest stands up. I am preteen preteenn still on my knees. There is one more thing you
need to learn about sex and men, son, he says. He picks me up and lays my
naked body over the back of a stuffed chair, face down The priest takes a
bottle of lotion and preteens 14 pictures squirts it all over the my exposed anus and then inserts
the tip of the bottle, shooting creamy lotion into my anus. He then lubes up
his still hard cock and presses it against my tiny hole. This is going to hurt, son, but not as bad as having my whole cock down your
throat. He presses his cock against the anus ring and rubs it around and pulls away.
He then inserts several fingers and finger-fucks my hole, spreading the muscles
out, opening it for the cock he has ready. I am frightened and preteen girls dresses begin to cry
but I am determined to be obedient to the priest. Son, you need to do this, to know this is nude preteens girls how men love each other, I know you
will like it when it is over. Suddenly he lunges his cock head into my ass and I cry out in pain. The
priest holds it for a few seconds and then makes another lunge and another and
then another until his cock is buried to his balls. I am sobbing quietly, it
is hard to breath and I still taste his cum in my mouth as I lay there, impaled
by his cock deep inside me. Then preteen porn hentai he runs his hands along my small white ass cheeks and takes me by the
hips and begins his fuck. The priest slaps into my body over and over again as
he fucks me, watching his cock as it slides in and out of that tight boypussy. It is just like the book says, son, she wanted to be fucked and so do you,
don't you. I gasp a grunted yes, sir. Well, fucked is what you are going to get. He takes another deep thrust deep
into my hole, bottoming out deep inside me. This boy can really take cock, he
whispers to himself Something I dream about, the priest thinks, as he falls into a rhythm. A
tight virgin boy who is getting fucked and sucked off by his mother and is so
innocent he has no clue. She must be a piece of hot ass herself, he
thinks....someday I am going to give her a real fuck...with sonny boy on her lap. Now latin preteen sex he is gasping for air as he pounds into me. I cry out as he grinds his
cock into my very belly, so deep I can feel him in my chest. I feel good I
think, and if the priest says we should do it, I guess it is OK..... I feel his deep driving cock sliding in and out of me and I feel white stuff
coming out of my own cock....... The priest feels it building up inside him hentai preteen girl and begins those last frantic
lunges into me as he groans and grunts and then gasps as I feel his hot cum
filling my hole... Yes, Yes, Yes, I whisper as I feel the intense heat and the
love of the man who is fucking me. Again and again, his hot juices fill my
ass, until he finally stops. He holds his cock inside me and picks me up,
still mounted on cock and comes around the chair, spinning me around to face
him and sits down. I face him, chest to chest. Somehow he had taken off his robe and we are
naked together. He lifts me gently by my ass and then slides me back down on his cock. I
grunt as I hit bottom and some of his juices slop out of my hole.
Do that now, son, fast. Go up and down, fuck my cock. He takes my cock in his
hand and strokes me as I slide up and down.. A game of cocks. He is so hard
inside me that I know he is going to fuck me more. But this seems the easiest
on me and I work harder at making him happy. I am holding him by the shoulders as I pump up and down and he smiles at me,
kissing my face and mouth. Suddenly he jumps up with me still attached and turns us around, with me
lying on the bottom of the chair and my legs over my head. He spreads my legs
wide across his arms and begins to fuck me again, this time from the front. I
hear his balls slapping against me as he bottoms out and again, my cock spurts
cum across his chest as he slams against me, crying out, something like `oh
fuck my little pussyboy, oh fuck... take my cum, you little slut. `and spills
his burning fluids into my swollen and broken hole. His pussyboy. That's who I became.... Every once in a while, he would have a friend come over, another priest he
went to school with. He would let him use me, too. They would take me away for
the day and use me over and over again and then take me home. Mom figured it out, but we preteen boy topless never said anything. We still bathed together and
slept together and she still loved to taste the white stuff her little boy
would give her every night. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and hidden, ls world preteen secret things of the
past need to see the light of day. At least in a controlled way like this. Corey

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